To write first WordPress post, find the Posts menu on the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard. You can click to expand it to reveal the sub menu.Here we will discuss step by step procedure to add a post in a WordPress page.

You will find Add New on the WordPress Admin Bar.

Click the Add New link to start.

Now you’ll see the Add New Post page where you can write your first post.

The first box in the top is where you’ll  enter the title of your post.

Next is the post editor. This is where you’ll type the content of your post.

On the right side of the box, you’ll find two tabs. There are two modes of editing posts: one is Visual and another Text.

The Visual tab will bring up the visual editor. Here you’ll also find a formatting toolbar with lots of options for formatting your posts. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word you will also familiar with the icons.

If you click the Text tab, this will open a plain-text HTML version of the post editor, which is not for the beginners. For most users, the Visual editor is the easiest way to write contents.

At the top of the right column, you’ll see the Publish box. If you click the Preview button, you can get a preview of how the post will look after publishing.

The Status of the post will show after publishing the post.

The Publish line shows whether the post will be published immediately or at a later date, arrange you can select as your wish.

The next parts are for categories and tags related to your WordPress post.

From the post editor, you can also find a drag or drop option to customize how you want to arrange them on the page.

If you need help while writing New Posts, just click the Help tab in the right side.