KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAndroid & iOS both are operating systems of mobile phones. Android is developed by search engine giant “Google” whereas iOS is developed by famous hardware giant “Apple”. If you are searching for a basic comparison between iOS vs Android you can take a look on below article:-
• Android is Linux based, whereas iOS is made by Apple’s programming language “swift”
• Android is an open source, whereas iOS is closed
• File transfer is easier on Android than iOS; files can be transferred without any apps in Android, whereas we need iTunes desktop application to transfer photos from iOS
• You have complete control over your Android device if you try for root, bootload, on the other hand, you don’t have complete control over your iOS device
• In Android, you will be able to use widgets, but in iOS, you will not able to use this
• iOS is more secure than Android because it can easily detect malware & virus than Android
• Android has play store where you can find more than 2.2 million apps but with Apple, you have to use Apple store from where you can install 2 million applications
• Apple is still focusing on payment through credit card where Android is advertising Google wallet for payment

That’s some key differences between iOS & Android operating system. But if you are going to buy a phone based on this comparison then you are in a wrong way because the above comparison is only based on operating system, not based on any hardware. Please don’t forget to visit our other similar posts on hardware comparison, then you will get a complete idea.